Kareena Kapoor Khan Collection by Lakme

We had heard of the tie-up between Lakmé and Kareena Kapoor Khan on a new range of cosmetics by the actress. However, now that the Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute is out, we can’t contain our excitement about the seven bold yet dashing products.

The actress’ signature line has some innovative products, bold colours and every makeup enthusiast will love them. As proof, most of these products are running out of stock. So, you might want to hurry…

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Face Contour

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Face ContourSource

Available in 6 shades with an MRP of Rs 1300, this is a smooth texture contour that lifts the complexion while blending well. It is in a stick shape so you can stash it in your purse and carry it easily. However, the shades are limited and don’t cover all Indian skin tones. Yet, the luxurious packaging with a gold cap and a black stick is to die for.

Shades: Silky golden, rose silk, honeydew, ivory cream, natural light and natural almond.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Cheek Contour

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Source

Love some colour on your cheek? Then this blush will definitely help you flaunt some rosy cheeks. Again priced at Rs 1300, the cheek contour boasts of 4 shades viz-a-viz, coral diva, rose gold, pink lady and peach prince. Though it has limited shades, the colours are definitely swoon-worthy!

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Pout Definer

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Source

8 stunning lipsticks in all bold shades named blushing temptress, orange showgirl, vixen berry, angel pink, fearless red, mischievous love, fuchsia fashionista and red seductress. The collection is a replica of the daring look the style icon is usually famous for. Priced at Rs 1200, it has a creamy-matte texture you’re sure to love!

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Lip Definer

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé AbsoluteSource

We felt that for a lip liner, this is a little pricey with a retail MRP of Rs 900. However, the shades compliment the pout definer collection of Bebo. Choose from the lush shades of crimson, sepia, rouge, carnation, salmon and ruby. What’s more is that it comes with a brush too, on the other end. The best part, it is also waterproof.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Eye Definer

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé AbsoluteSource


Don’t you love the smoky eyes that Kareena flaunts on the ramp? Get just that in 6 pretty colours that are set to make you stand-out in parties and meeting rooms alike. Try copper, onyx, brass, jade, cobalt and slate tones to kill that look. Rs. 900 is what the kajal costs and it comes with an applicator too.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Brow Definer

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé AbsoluteSource

Easy to apply eyebrow definer, this comes with a brush for a perfect look. You don’t want to miss out on completing the makeup process by drawing the flawless lines. This product is also accompanied by a brush to take your eyebrow game up a notch. It retails at Rs 800.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé Absolute Lash Definer

Kareena Kapoor Khan Lakmé AbsoluteSource

Complete your perfect eye makeup with this mascara with a creamy texture. It is said to give you a bold look with a clump-free application. Try it out for Rs 1,100.


We love the signature collection of the Begum of Bollywood but yet to decide if it is a winner on long-lasting and mess-free looks. Let us know if you’ve tried them too. Buy them here on Nykaa. Also, check out some Makeup Trends of 2018.


3 Best Biotique Products for Beginners

If you’re new to the skincare routine and want the best in an economic price, here is our 3 best Biotique products review list to get you started. All Biotique products are affordable and range between Rs. 45 – Rs. 300 on an average. Despite the low rates, the packaging and products don’t lack quality. Their Ayurvedic formulas are safe for all skin types and are cruelty-free.

Biotique Bio Papaya Visibly Ageless Scrub Wash

best biotique products review

Buy here for Rs 90: Papaya Facewash Scrub

Let’s start with a face wash to start your skincare routine. This soap-free wash claims to remove makeup and impurities while reducing ageing and offering soft and glowing skin. It is an all in one product I would say, a lighter complexion is an added bonus. If a face wash can do the job of a scrub as well, your daily routine requires one less task.

Even the sensitive skin can benefit out of this, as it is a mild solution. It retails for Rs.110 for a 100 ml tube. This tube lasts you long and comes with an amazing scent of papaya. So, exfoliate while you clean your face! However, anti-ageing is something I can’t vouch for.

Biotique Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

best biotique products review

Buy at Rs. 165: Cucumber Toner

For those with acne problems, this is a saviour. It claims to tighten pores which is the main reason I love it. It leaves the skin smooth as it takes care of the open pores. Doesn’t matter whether you have dry or oily skin, it suits all because of no preservatives. Cucumber as a main ingredient is also the best natural solution for skin problems.

The most interesting claim is that it has fresh water from the foothills of the Himalayas. So, why not give it a try? It is budget-friendly too. It is available at Rs. 175 in stores.

Biotique Bio Carrot Ultra Soothing Face Lotion SPF 40+ UVA/UVB Sunscreen

best biotique products review

Buy here: Carrot Seed Lotion

For those who struggle to buy separate sunscreens and lotions, this solves your problem! A rich thick cream with carrot seed helps all skin types get nourished and moisturised while protecting against UV rays. Although there is no PA rating, it claims to avoid the harshness of UVA and UVB rays. If you don’t know what this means, read sunscreen numbers explained for more.

An SPF 40 is fairly good enough and also, it gives a little glow to your skin. It observes quickly as an added advantage. It costs around Rs 115 for 50ml tube which is a fair bargain, don’t you think?


These skin products have worked wonderfully for me. But be sure to try them out in samples before taking it on your full-time routine. Also, contact a professional for any intense skin care problems or irritation after using the product. The best part, you can get them under Rs 400 too. Use the links below the picture for discounts on Amazon.

Leave us your questions or queries in the comments and we’ll get back to you!

Green Onion Restaurant | The Indo-Chinese Specials

green onion chinese restaurant bangalore

When you’re around Brigade and Residency roads in Bangalore, you have ample options for Chinese restaurants. However, if you’re looking for some low-budget options, your choices are limited. One of the pocket-friendly restaurants is the Green Onion Chinese restaurant which has impeccable dishes at low prices. Thus, making it a lucrative option to pursue even during the month-end blues.

Location & Parking

Although it is located on Residency road, the restaurant is on a small road that cuts towards MG road. It is placed on the first floor and has a tiny exterior. But can seat about 50 people easily. You might miss locating this place if you’re in a hurry. So, slow down! Also, parking is not available. It can house a maximum of 3 bikes under the stairs but no cars.

green onion chinese restaurant bangalore


It’s a cosy place with tables and chairs positioned closely. Although the ambience doesn’t match the Chinese feel, the decor is not all that shabby. Red chairs add an attractive tone to the space. For the budget pricing they offer, the interiors are done up pretty well. Dim-lit and proper ventilation are all you need to savour the lip-smacking dishes.


The menu boasts of Chinese cuisine, but the flavour is a combination of Indo-Chinese. We loved the noodle variety especially chicken-and-chilli-garlic noodles. Every starter here is to die for, whether veg or non-veg. You should explore the many varieties they offer because nothing is short on quality.

green onion chinese restaurant bangalore

Staff & Service

This is our go-to option when we’re really hungry as the service is on point and doesn’t lack anything. From taking orders to serving them at the earliest, the staff is very prompt and punctual. This is something that I would give 5/5 for. However, cleaning the table and crumbs could be better.

Our review

This is a pocket-friendly restaurant you can go to. From students to the working class, this is an affordable option for all. They serve a decent portion for the price and three can eat for under Rs 700 easily. Also, the taste is perfect for people who like Indo-Chinese. They have 3 branches but this one is the best!

If you like variety in food and are looking for a weekend party zone, check out Bangalore Brew Works which is also at Residency road.

All About Suncreen Terms SPF & PA ++

Suncreen protection SPF and PA ++

Sunscreen although important has some complex terms the common man can’t understand. While most of the hype lies in SPF, we think you’re missing out on a major knowledge on PA+. So this time we’re going to cover what the terms SPF and PA actually mean.

UV Rays

Before we dive into discussion, Ultra-violet (UV) rays can be distinguished into two — UVA and UVB rays. UVA is the major reason for permanent tan and discoloration of the skin. Whereas UVB is a short-term tan that you can get rid of by an anti-tan treatment.

Suncreen protection SPF and PA ++

SPF & its meaning

When it comes to tan protection, SPF or Sun Protection Factor relates to how long it can resist a skin tan from UVB rays. So, without sunscreen, it takes about 10-15 minutes for your skin to go red. That means SPF 15 relates to 15 times slower effect. If you think about it, SPF 80 doesn’t mean higher protection, it just means delayed tanning. Therefore, don’t get fooled by those ridiculous claims.

This also points out that, we need to apply sunscreen regularly as its effect cannot last for a complete day.

What does PA relate to?

It was the Japan cosmetic industry that did its rounds to provide better protection from UVA rays and thus introduced Protection Grade from UVA rays or simply known as PA. Persistent Pigment Darkening or in layman terms, permanent tan starts from 2-4 hours exposure to UVA rays. So, PA+ can offer the minimum of 2-4 hours of protection, while PA++ 4-8 hours and the number doubles with every + sign. However, PA+++ is the highest grade available in the market.

We could go on and on about SPF and PA. However, this is the main thing all of you should know to protect your skin from harmful rays. We’ve also covered an article on Importance of Sunscreen to keep you informed.

If you do have any questions about sunscreen and skin protection leave them in the comment 🙂

Is it Normal to Feel Lonely?

feeling lonely

Many times we feel like we have everything yet have nothing. Thus, many of us think we are lonely in the world and envy those surrounded and pampered by their friends and family. So, is feeling lonely normal? To feel forsaken when you’re surrounded with your loved ones?

Reason why we feel so?

As human being we’re usually expect love, care and attention. As a baby, we’re used to being the boss at home with everyone at our bid and call. Thus, when we grow up we feel entitled to the same attention and love. So it is usual for everyone, men and women alike, to yearn for love and care. Ultimately, when we don’t receive the same affection when we grow up, the result is loneliness.

Who usually are bothered by it?

feeling lonely

Everyone uniformly face loneliness at some stage in life. Whether you’re a single kid, or just had a sibling or even the most richest person to the poorest one, feels lonely. The reason varies vastly based on childhood experiences and the amount of pampering you’re used to.

Is it normal to feel alone?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to feel alone because it proves you yearn that attention and love as a societal being. However, there are some boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Loneliness is the path to depression and psychological harm. You need to try steer clear of these thoughts or use them positively.  Only when you channel your negative energy to something useful will it help you move away from the drastic harm. Harm mostly on your mental and emotional stability.

What’s the way out?

The way out is you! The world will not pamper you, even if you go down to the depths of depression. When you feel lonely go out, meet friends, make yourself available for others, find ways to be busy and most importantly take a break and try living on your own or even try a solo trip. This is essential to know that you can live by yourself independently and not always depend on others. Independent living is the key to achieving a break from negative thinking.

You should know that life is not fair. When you yearn attention and care, give the same to others as whether they explicitly say it or not, they feel it too. Spread the love, and be loved.

A Trip to Talakad | A Land Less Trodden

road trip to talakad tree

Often we want a quick break from the hubbub of city life and a long drive is the easiest remedy. The whole toil of having to book hotels, spend money on expensive resorts and even missing from home for long can be avoided. For Bangaloreans, the places for a long drive within 1-3 hours is kind of limiting because of its vast size as well as alienation from water-bodies around.

Road Trip to Talakad

road trip to talakad

So the first thing that comes to mind when we tell long drive is the Hosur side or Mysore; nothing in between. However, for those who want a break by a water body, your options are not limited to the Hogenakkal or the Shivanasamudra. Check out our road trip to Talakad a space still unexplored by many travellers giving a glimpse of the splendid waters.

Surrounded by a humble country-living and patented rural roads, this is a respite from the noisy city. We won’t scare you by telling that the place is an empty bay calling for trouble. Many visitors find their way to this beautiful scenery to take a dip, row a boat or even relax with a picnic basket.

The Drive to Talakad

road trip to talakad

The drive from Bangalore is specially beautiful, the roads flanked with lush greenery and the flow of fresh air. You can either choose the normal Mysore road or even find your way through Kanakpura road. We tread through the latter option to avoid the weekend traffic that the former usually witnesses.

From the smooth ride on the nice road, to the traffic later, despite leaving in the early hours it was not enough to avoid most of the jam. The outskirts of the city, greeted us with dozes of green. Beautiful trees that shaded the wide roads, curving along the bends. Paddy fields and farms lively with crops and dusty off-roads were a welcoming sight (despite the dirt flying miles). Greeted with rains, the air was ripe with the sweet smell of petrichor.

Entry to Talakad

road trip to talakad

A stunning temple seated on a hilltop was something we thought of pursuing on our way back. After two hours of scouring the GPS and finding our way through the multiple villages, finally Talakad welcomed us with open arms. From roof-tiled homes, the old and young chatting under the big banyan, to children running helter-skelter on roads, typically Indian-country scenes were a sight every corner beheld.

To be honest, the roads are not that great. But for a traveler, shoddy roads are not a problem but another adventure tale to tell the world. Finally, the river was at the furthest end of the town. After paying the dues to visit (just ₹ 20-30) we arrived at the river. Smooth sandy surface to sink our feet into was a rejuvenating experience. Tall trees, food stalls and the generic Mayfair of vendors trying to get that extra penny was something we expected. Post which a vast expanse of sand, sparsely populated trees and the river flowing fresh.

Our Experience at Talakad

road trip to talakadSource

The icy cold water, prickly sand, a ride in the teppa (coracle boat) and some refreshing dips in the water, we knew we had a perfect road trip to Talakad. Food stalls are basic and you can’t expect anything fancy. But the serene setting drifts away your worries.

There is also a famous temple dipped in the sand. Tale has it that every year, the sand levels are on the rise burrowing the temple to the depths of the earth. This place is also linked to the infamous no-heir curse that was put on the Wodeyar heritage. After hiking towards the temple and back, we were exhausted.

Food was not an option we could pursue on spot. So we satisfied ourselves with cobs of corn and fresh fruits. On our return, we drifted towards Shivanasamudra. We took a break surrounded by paddy fields ripe for harvest and finally we were back to the noisy city-life.

A day spent well! But make sure you take food, suspension bikes and spare tires! Not sure if you want to take a road trip?? Check our article on Why a Road Trip is a Must.

Review of Hotel Tom’s Restaurant | A Mangalorean Paradise

hotel tom's restaurant

If you’re looking for some sumptuous dishes with the right amount of spice and Mangalorean essence, Hotel Tom’s restaurant is the perfect pick. A plethora of choices from seafood to red meat, this is a food lover’s paradise for those seeking to satisfy their taste buds with the coastal cuisine. From ghee roasts to vindaloo and even Chinese dishes, we’re sure this restaurant won’t miss the mark.

Location & Parking

hotel tom's restaurantSource

It is at the prime location of Richmond Town, just beside the BP petrol bunk. Though it is practically seen from the main road, you might miss it (or may be it’s just me). However, it’s very tough to get parking on a weekend owing to limited space.


hotel tom's restaurantSource

This doesn’t have a very fancy setting but exudes a cosy and homely feel. Large European windows, clean-lined seating and a traditional restaurant setting with the green and white colour palette is a great decor to dine in. The seating is mostly wooden furniture to cater to couples, small families and large group of friends.


hotel tom's restaurantSource

Food is a definite mouth-watering palate with coastal and non-veg dishes along with plenty of veg variants to soothe the others as well. We personally loved the prawn ghee roast, pork with sanna, beef pepper dry among other mouth-watering servings. They also have a collection of pastries which usually are on display to pick.


hotel tom's restaurantSource

The staff is warm and helpful, who definitely suggest the best pick from spice levels to yummy courses. You don’t want to miss out on asking Sunday specials as their menu doesn’t cover them. The service is on time with every course which they place and clear at proper intervals.

Our Review

This is one of the best Mangalorean cuisines we have come across which captures the authenticity of the place perfectly. Accompanied with regional variants of Goa and Kerala, this is a paradise for non-veg lovers. Especially as they serve beef and pork which is very rare in restaurants and even if they do serve, it is not in the regional recipes.

You must visit the place if you want some flavorful food that fills your tummy to the brim. If you love spicy food, check our review on Chettinad Kitchen in Jayanagar.

Review of Wishing Chair & Mad Teapot Cafe, Indiranagar

As a kid I guess the only way we contribute to beautify our home is to keep our room clean. (Which of course we hate!) However, as an adult, your home decor becomes a responsibility. As a content writer at an interior design company, I’ve always stressed on how your home mirrors your personality. So, people judge you based on the first impression of your home.

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

Wishing Chair, Indiranagar

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

This said, I guess you have ample choices to pick from. However, Wishing Chair has always brought in pretty items that are an eye-candy to look at. A personal preference mostly! The dream home that you desire since your childhood, may be a visit to the centre will let you fulfill that goal.

The Money Matters

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

However, to be honest, this isn’t a very pocket-friendly option. A pretty book starts from Rs 300-400 while a chair can vary between 10K-15K rupees. This is just to give an idea. But the investment is worth it as the end result is always pleasant.

Decor Options

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

The Wishing Chair store at Indiranagar is at a prime location and is known for its beautiful display. More than what’s available online to be frank.  Dotted with fairy lights and pastels, the decor options are just what you need to do up your home. Beautiful bird cages, jewellery holders, cushions, candles and much more adorn the shelves where as macrame decor, key holders and mirrors give the walls an elegant appearance.

Mad Teapot Cafe

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

What’s more interesting is that you can spend time surrounded by the stunning ambience. The store has a small cafe called the Mad Teapot Cafe inside the store. I read reviews before visiting wherein people claimed to say that this is affordable but the food is average. However, we ordered 2 cupcakes and the bill was 440 inclusive of taxes. Kind of outrageous! The cupcakes were not that great as well.

Our Opinion

wishing chair and mad teapot cafe indiranagar

So overall, a casual visit to this place to admire the beauty and pick something fancy as a gift might be a good choice. However, if you’re working on a budget then you might want to make responsible choices.

Love the casual feel in this restaurant? Then read our review of the Koramangala Social.

An Honest Letter to my Dad | Father’s Day Special

letter to dad

Dear Daddy,

On the occasion of Father’s day, I write a letter to you, to show how much you have influenced my life. I hope our bond grows stronger and I make you proud of my actions.

Your life as a Son

I’ve heard many stories of how you supported your family from the time you were a little boy. Working hard in the farms, struggling to complete your education and immediately joining a job to back your family. Your parents never missed out on praising you for carrying out your duties as the eldest son.

Your Married Life

Finally, you married mum — who mirrored your virtues of love and care — and started your own tiny family. I wouldn’t say it was an easy way of life. You stayed in a different city tending to your job. You were not in town even I came into this world, but you ensured you reached quickly when you got the message.

Your character

Even though you were away most of the time, you never failed to amuse me whenever you came home and I loved being the focal point of your life. Despite your strict demeanour and disciplined lifestyle, I know how loving and tender your character is. Short-tempered as you may seem to the world, I know you regret hurting people in a fit of anger. I have seen you shed tears as well when things got out of control.

Your Upbringing

You made me grow up to a be a simple yet smart kid who could stand on her own feet. You took pride in my success and lectured me every time I failed to uphold your principles. But in every step, you gave me a free hand when it came to the important decisions of my life and guided me when I asked for help.

Our Bond

After a point, I stopped listening to you; I am a grown kid you know. Yet, you never stopped looking out for me. You let me treat you as a kid and you love it when I take control of work at home. Though you put up a fight, you secretly are happy when I reprimand you for neglecting your health.

Your downfall

When you fell ill and were helpless, I had the scare of my life. I was not ready to face the world without you. Though I secretly shed tears, I was the brave lassie you brought me up to be. Many might call their dads a superhero, I’m going to call you my knight in shining armour. You saved me from all the vice in the world and thought me lessons to insure my safety.

Your Perspective

Every time I came to you with a problem, you didn’t welcome me with open arms and comfort me. But you thought me to fight for my rights. Your belief in me was astonishing even to me and encouraged me to push boundaries. You treated me like an equal to a boy, you knew I was capable of doing any task a guy could carry out.

Your Principles

Last but not the least, I will choose to carry forward your principles — your love and care, your jovial attitude, your principles and how you respect bonds whether family or friends. I respect your virtues and will surely be an independent girl like you want me to be.

Happy Father’s Day!

7 Ideas to Decorate with Fairy Lights at Home

Fairy lights are not just Christmas decorations anymore! It can lift your spirits at home too. If your eager to get that princess feel at home, then these fairy lights ideas can aid you in that too. Not just for kids, these can give the home a glow that simply transports you to a fairytale.

#1: On Canopy Beds

fairy lights ideasSource

Recreate the setting of sleeping under the stars by using fairy lights on a canopy bed or add sheer drapes on the bed and put them on it. Either way, your sleep time can be filled with sweet dreams. We’re sure not just the little ones, but also adults would love pampering in this way.

#2: Outline of your Dressing Mirror

fairy lights ideasSource

Want to feel like a celebrity while getting ready? Try adding fairy lights around your dressing mirror and table to give it a diva feel. We’re sure the light can make your face light up with a low glow that regularly lights can’t highlight. It can also make for a pretty selfie corner to show off your make up!

#3: Highlight Artwork or Frames

fairy lights ideassource

Have a statement artwork or a family portrait you want to catch the eye? Add some fairy lights so that it enraptures your guests. Your loved ones can always feel special or your taste in art can be appreciated by many. If you don’t have a single frame to work with, even Polaroid camera shots attached on string lights can give you a simple yet brilliant gallery wall.

#4: Glow on the Shelves

fairy lights ideasSource

Your trophies and collectibles can get a unique touch with fairy lights underlying the shelf. Although this is a good way to highlight the counter, it won’t steal the spotlight from your fame and curios. The muted lighting option steps back and lets the things on display stand out.

#5: Night Lamp

fairy lights ideasSource

Some night lighting will be always welcome at home whether you’re a kid or an adult. A simple way to pull this off without others making fun is to stuff some fairy lights into a mason jar and letting it adorn your bedside table. A collection of these lights can be placed adjacent to the wall leading to the washroom to light up the way for your kid to use the restroom at night.

#6: Decorative Lights

fairy lights ideassource

Have a stunning decor piece that just takes a backstage because it doesn’t have popping colours or bright patterns? Then add some of these lights to add to the milieu. We’re sure your guests will be lured towards it. For example, a dried miniature tree with branches can be lit up with Christmas lights. These are not just for the season you know!

#7: Headboard

fairy lights ideasSource

If a canopy seems like a great job to finish, then add some to your headboard. Many Youtubers and Vloggers, use this tactic in their videos to make the background special. We’re sure you’ll be delighted to have some fairy lights over your head like the dream catcher for a sound sleep.

Like these ideas? Your creative mind can come up with more! Try Pinterest for more inspiration and we’re a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! For those who love DIY lighting, here are some ideas with recycled glass bottles to work with.