Interiors With An Ethnic Twist

Interiors have always been a style statement in modern homes. Blend in some cultural elements to have a unique home to break away from the contemporary trend. Here are a few ethnic home decor tips to give your home an instant facelift.

Wall texture/ decals:

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Wall decals or texture painting highlight the home. Inducing cultural aspects into it can change the mood of your home. If painting patterns seems a bit of a task you can always stick to wall decals which are much more convenient and hassle-free. Nature, animals and birds are highly significant in ancient Indian Paintings and having motifs to resemble them can bring out a royal look to your home.

Sculptures and Paintings:

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For those art lovers here is some good news. Painting and sculptures impact the look of your home. Not just antiques but locally sourced artwork can do magic in infusing an ethnic charm. While the choice is up to you, always encourage local artisans and preserve our almost extinct heritage artwork.

Decorative pots and planters:

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Pot painting and decoration can be a good hobby which also enlivens your home. Painted pots and planters give your home an aesthetic touch. Terracotta pots with a touch of bold and vibrant colours can brighten up your mood instantly.

Carved Furniture:


As opposed to the modern times, our ancestors showed passion for carved furniture and artwork. So amuse yourself with classical furniture and get a vintage touch by adding a few with intricate details.


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You need not opt for any high-fashioned styles to get an ethnic look. Mirrors work well when it comes to a classic look for your home. Decorate your home with mirrors whether small, huge and mirrored artefacts. They usually help in making your home look plush and opulent.

Printed fabric:

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Give your home an Indian touch by using printed fabrics for sofa cushions and rugs rather than solid colours. This gives your home a trendy and colourful look adding to your ethnic collection. Make use of lots of bright colours while choosing all your furnishings.

Metallic/ rustic chandeliers and lighting:

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Decorate your home with metallic chandeliers and lighting to provide it with a more cultural look. Use old-fashioned lanterns or branched chandeliers to amp up the look.

Now brighten up your homes with an ethnic twist by implementing these elements. Have a rented home? No worries! Here are some tips for you too.

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