The Resilience of The Echoes (ECHOES Koramangala)

As I looked up on Zomato to try some new restaurant, the one thing that caught my eye was a 4.9 rating (rating based on the article date) of Echoes Restaurant at Koramangala 5th Block. Pondering on what made this restaurant special, I scanned through the reviews. Only to find out that the unique feature of Echoes is that they have differently abled staff waiting tables. Wanting to try out this experience we ventured to the restaurant.

Echoes InteriorSource


After long wait in the queue, we were seated in the restaurant. The restaurant does not aim at sporting a fine dining luxury theme but a more primitive look. The interior of Echoes comprises of rugged unfinished brick wall with many decor items splattered across the wall. The seating has normal chairs and some cushioned chairs without back rest. There is an option of outside seating but the interior seating is a much better option. But all in all the ambience of the place is lit up by the smiles of people and vibes that this restaurant provides.

Echoes ServiceSource


We were asked to ring a bell to notify the stewards as the people hired to wait on us were Deaf and mute. The bell influences a light bulb to flicker to signal a steward. The Menu card is accompanied with a Notepad to place your order and placards for water, spoons etc are readily available at your table. The wait period for serving is also long as getting a seating but worth it.

Echoes FoodSource


The food would receive a 4/5 rating as not all the items we ordered were upto the mark. We tried the recommended items like the waffles which were served in small portions. But apart from it, the peri peri chicken was my personal favourite. The mixed lemonades and the Oreo shakes were irresistible. The No Wine Sangria is something my taste bud would not forget about. The Mutton Biryani served hot with burning coals was a lovely savoury. The rest of the food had an average experience.



A great kudos for Stargazer Hospitality for coming up with such a lovely concept. I do have a genuine feedback to Echoes. It would be great if they could up their standards on food and train their personnel. As there is a lot of delay in service and miscommunication during the billing. But overall the experience here is great!

If you are looking for a warming experience and have all the time in the world to spare with a lot of patience to wait, this is the right choice for you.



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