Smart ways to adorn your wall with pictures!

Pictures and artwork form part of our soul’s inner passion and let us reminisce the beautiful moments. However, giving this a centre stage by hanging pictures at your home can seem a task. Relieving you of this misery, we have put together few ideas on how to hang pictures efficiently.

Choose a motive:

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Many people jump to collecting artwork and pictures for their wall. However that is not the primary step as it is important to choose the motive. Whether you want to create a feature wall or gallery wall or just splatter memories all over gives you groundwork in selecting your pictures and paintings.

Selecting area:

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Once you are done finding your motive, finding an area to create your masterpiece is important. Choose a place that can let your pictures stand out. A plain wall is the best and simplest way to start as it acts as a plain canvas ready for an artistic display.

Choose the artwork:

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Once you have deciphered the motive you can start collecting or choosing the artwork that is suitable for your wall. Choosing something that blends into the flow or adds a contrast depends on the theme of the room. Hence, selecting the wall or room to display your passion and memories is important.

Frame and mounting:

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Once you have your pictures ready, it is important to decide on what kind of frame or mounting you choose. It is easier to have your pictures ruined without proper care. Hence, framing the picture is adept to this situation. Choose a frame size that is not more than half the width of your picture as it can draw away the center appeal of your motive.


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An ideal hanging height for a picture is five feet. Ideally one should not strain their neck to see the display. If it is too high or low it can be a serious drawback. However, it also varies on room to room basis as if the room is a seating area, your guests can view pictures at the height slightly above your sofas and chairs. Apart from this if you are looking for a cluster of pictures then symmetrical positioning is important. Symmetry doesn’t mean that it should be a straight line but usually means balancing the space. Hence it is important to position your photos in a balanced manner.


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Even though this is an optional step, accentuating your artistic collection makes it more appealing and glamorous. Hence, adding cove lights or even Christmas tree lights would do the trick. A textured wall painting or a decal that makes your artwork more striking is also recommended.

Now that you have your guide to hang pictures, it’s time to put on a show. Let your artwork and pictures mesmerise your visitors too!

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