Sunday Soul Sante, 2017: Discover, Experience, Shop, Fun

Sunday Soul Sante 2017, has been a potpourri of many things. As I ventured out to find something new, I was not let down with the display of artistic products from jewellery to home decor. Here is a peek into what had me glued.

With over 250 stalls, this year’s Soul Sante hosted at Bengaluru was initially set out for a Diwali edition. (Strategically planned a week before the festival) However, the rain gods did not approve of this schedule. Hence, the event was hosted on 29th October. I’m just assuming here, but a lot of the stalls targeting Diwali would have lost on profit as sales of diyas, lanterns would have been a real hit on the earlier date.

Something more than a flea market

Sunday Soul Sante 2017

Since this is my first Sunday Soul Sante, I had mixed expectations. While the ads, the teasers were all lovely, my friends had warned about the steep prices. Giving the event benefit of doubt, I went to the fair and my friends were right! So, I was very choosy in what I needed to spend my hard-earned cash on.

Finally, after a lot of back and forth, I downed on certain things which seemed reasonable but I bought them mostly because they were too good, not to have! The first thing that caught my eye was a terrarium. The creativity and idea of having so many things inside a bowl or pot, instead of a plain potted plant appealed to me.

Beautiful things to own!

Sunday Soul Sante - Haul

As I moved on, the newly set up Indian Family stickers, had an exclusive collection of stickers based on Indian mindsets. Some divided into regional, while some generic. A fun gift for friends that made me take up to 6 stickers while I wondered what suited my friends the best.

Amazing gifts for friends!

Sunday Soul Sante 2017

While many stalls had an astonishing collection of decor and jewellery — frankly, I couldn’t afford them. So I sadly passed by without another word.  Here are few other products I got — not a very good bargain but it didn’t burn a hole in my pocket!

The cutest collections!

Sunday Soul Sante 2017- Pink Ponies

The fair also had a good collection of food stalls serving biryani, rolls, waffles, chaat to name a few. The event also hosted live bands making the evening memorable. As the sun went down, the crowd doubled in number. As I bid goodbye, there were many memorable experiences along with sore feet that I took home.


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