Things to Scratch Off Your Bucket List Before You Turn 30

Have you ever wondered how you grew up so fast? School, college, first job and every milestone in your life seems to remind you of one thing — you’re getting old! Nah, not ‘that’ old but old enough that you can’t turn back and do certain things. To spare you the brunt of cursing yourself when it’s too late, we have put together a list of things you can (or you must) achieve before 30!

Finish studies:

Yep, I am starting with the bitter truth! College and education may seem too overboard when you are young! But when you cross 30, the umpteen number of commitments you have will not let you concentrate on anything else. No, I don’t stick by this rule that one can’t study after their 30s. We have numerous people pursuing their academic dreams post that too but family, children and other things can also eat up your time.

Land your dream job:

The first job may not always be your dream job. However, take your time and finalise on one before you’re 30! Why? It is the same reason as established earlier — commitments! But additionally, after 30 you tend to kind of give up on the idea of a dream job and stick to what seems secure for your future.

Find your BFF:

You heard it right! Find a best friend. Getting married may be a different matter altogether but a friend is something like an urgency. A shoulder to cry on, a person to share your secrets and babble all about work and relationship related stuff.

Travel Solo:

This is one of the top priorities in most of our bucket lists. So why wait? Travelling solo not just helps you meet new people and face challenges but also lets you connect with yourself better. A chance to let yourself loose without having to worry about others! Here is an article why you need to go on a road trip that might help.

Face Failure:

This statement might stun you but think twice! Failure teaches you lessons that even the best schools in the world can’t prepare you for. If you have faced failure already, you have high chances of coping with life better. You need to start worrying if you haven’t faced a downfall. All I gotta say is — Brace yourself!

Try to save:

I know you are too young to hear the word save! (Presuming a person reading this article is below 30) But during your 30s, the what-if questions start making you worry about contingencies and risks. You need to prepare for any unseen circumstances — So start saving!

Organize your life:

Try to get out of your bucket list these items –  relocate to a new place, learn how to network, create a workout routine, stick to a timetable. Wonder why? Because it might be too late to do all this once you cross the 30s. Your health and patience will be at its sensitive point at this age.

Treat yourself to luxury:

Haven’t you wondered what it feels like to indulge yourself in luxury? Well, try to treat yourself to at least one day of luxury before you are downed with responsibility and other blah blah things! Who knows, you might just not get another chance to let yourself be pampered with riches.

Well, there are many more ideas I can add to this list but stick to something simple and achievable to start with. Let us know if you wanted to do something before your 30s that hasn’t been listed here!


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