How to Get Back at Critics? A Different Perspective

We’re under constant scrutiny whether we like it or not! People feel they have to have an opinion of you despite not knowing you well. But it takes a toll on our mental condition when someone hurls a negative review. Learn how to effectively handle criticism so that you can benefit out of it.

#1: Listen carefully

The first step to embrace the benefits of criticism is to listen what they have to offer. Most often than not we tend to lend a deaf ear to constructive feedback that can actually let us grow. It is part of maturity to understand what the actual problem is.

#2: Weigh the scales

Listening to criticism doesn’t actually mean you have to accept it. Understand that there are reasons behind certain allegations made. So try to brainstorm whether the problem is actually with you. If you have made a mistake accept it and don’t let it blind your judgement. It is human to err so don’t feel put down.

#3: No excuses

If you know that you’ve made a mistake don’t try to defend the circumstances. But try to learn from the issue and avoid making it in the future. Making excuses will not get you peace nor help you learn and move on. It is a means to justify your actions and you might repeat it again.

#4: It’s not personal

Work-wise criticism should never be taken personally. Either the person wants to actually help you grow better or defame you. Either way, it is related to your work — jealousy or genuine concern is what you need to figure. But take the criticism positively and try to not give the other person a chance to mock you in any way.

#5: Don’t be hard on yourself

Criticism is a chance to improve, so there is no point dwelling in the past. Instead, try to focus all that anger and regret in shaping a better you. Sometimes, the criticism that blooms from jealousy is just not worth worrying about. They might corner you and try to break your spirit, but don’t give them that pleasure.

#6: Act Mature

It is one of the major characters of a mature person, they seem to take everything positively. Even the worst case, they think before reacting. Tears, anger, abuses and more can seem the right thing to do but it might have long-term impressions about how well you handle emotion. Try to see the brighter side of things. Read this for more.

#7: Thank them

I’m sure you’ve had people talking behind your back or even hurling criticism in front of a crowd. Your first instinct would be to lash back and use cuss words. But there is no better come back than thanking them for a wonderful feedback (whether it helps or not) in making you achieve more.

While negativity in itself is like a black cloud hovering above you, don’t let negative feedback push you low on your morale. You’re able and gifted as anyone in the world but just lack the confidence. Don’t let them get to you but stand strong for a better future.


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