Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes for Beginners in India

For those who tell natural beauty is everything, I agree. But a little tidying up doesn’t mean any harm but instead, it enhances your elegance. So, for all the lovely ladies out there working on a budget here are affordable eyeshadow palettes to highlight your sexy eyes.

#1: Sivanna Make Up Academy Professional Eyeshadow – shade 3

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Considering the price point, pigmentation & availability, this is the best palette that I’ve come across. Although it has 3 variants in it, this one is perfect for regular use.
Sivanna is a brand based out of Thailand and has a popular name in India. It’s widely sold on Instagram pop up shop that makes it easier to purchase.

Approx price: Rs 300

For more information swatches and complete review watch the video here 

#2. Maybelline New York Nudes, the Nudes Palette

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This is one of the hit products in the market, as a lot of college students prefer this and it is also available easily both offline and online. It has 12 shades including 2 shimmer shades that give plenty of options to play with; very useful for both occasional as well as daily use.

The only downside of this palette is that it’s not rich in pigmentation. It’s very travel-friendly since its light carry

Approx price: Rs 689

#3. Makeup Revolution London New Trals Vs Neutrals

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This palette is easy to use with a great formula which helps create endless eye looks — ranging from beautifully natural to highly artistic. It is easy to blend with lasting colours which can last up to 5 hours.
The good thing is it doesn’t fall out; so, it can even be applied after the face makeup is done and comes with a huge mirror on the lid for ease.

Approx price: 500

#4. WET n WILD colour icon – rose in the air

affordable eyeshadow paletteClick on image to buy
WETNWILD is an amazing brand! Most of the products from this brand are really well made and affordable. Although it has made its entry in India really late, we should be glad it’s available online now.

This palette, in particular, is a beautiful one if you look at it it’s almost the dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hill Modern Renaissance Palette which was a huge hit in 2017. The colour pay off is simply gorgeous. Also, it’s very smooth and buttery to blend. Definitely, a must try!

Approx price: Rs 499

#5. ADS Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

affordable eyeshadow paletteClick on image to buy

ADS balm palette is an exact dupe for The balm palette. This is not only an eyeshadow palette but it also has a blush, a highlighter and 2 lipstick shades. It has 12 eyeshadow shades which are best for beginners and you’re not looking to invest at the first go.
Most of the shades are warm, and you will be able to create plenty of looks out of these shades.

Approx price: Rs 330

Hope this helps you in flaunting gorgeous eyes. If you’re looking for affordable makeup then these lipsticks are to die for!

Let us know what you’ll like reviewed next.

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