Review of GlamEgo May Box 2018

This time the box delivered earlier than usual and I’m too excited to flaunt the ensemble I received. While GlamEgo termed this as a beauty emergency kit, I would name it the starter kit. There is nothing in the box that is emergency ready but a collection of things that can keep you ready to flaunt yourself in the morning!

GlamEgo Box May 2018

As usual, I’m in love with the packaging that GlamEgo has come up with. Kudos to the creative team behind it! Being a person who is in the content and creative team, I know how much hard work the graphic designers and visual merchandisers need to put in.

GlamEgo Box May 2018

But more on the products, you’ll surely love it if you were not so much in for makeup.

#1: Votre Premium Night Cream

GlamEgo Box May 2018

This is a multi-vitamin and rejuvenating night creme. The cream is a smooth texture and glides on your face. Since the smell is not strong, you won’t have to worry about that disturbing your sleep. It claims to rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin.

#2: Rohto Acnes Face Wash

GlamEgo Box May 2018

For those struggling with Acne issues or even a zit for that matter, this is a good product. Clear skin is a charm to a fine day and I would agree that this is a must in every woman’s kit. But unless this magically reduces a pimple, not a saviour during emergencies!

#3: Seer Secrets Lip Scrub

GlamEgo Box May 2018

Oh, this product smells amazing. And I accidentally tasted it too, which is yummy. It smells of candies and is made from natural products which is why it’s a plus! While the product may seem coarse and dry only when you try applying it’s actually moist and leaves your lips soft after a good scrub. Really impressed with it.

#4: Bella Voste Lipstick

GlamEgo Box May 2018

This was a product I eager for. I chose nude tease 20, which is a light shade of pink. So if you see the swatch you’ll know there is nothing nude about it. But it works well for an everyday shade which is why I love it. It’s also creamy and soft which wears light on your lip providing a perfect tint.

#5: Bella Voste Nail Polish

GlamEgo Box May 2018

The choices where overwhelming! Clearly, they have a lot of choices to offer but I went for a matt paint that is 64 party pop. This is a nude shade with a mixture of brown with orange undertone to it. However, you might want to go with two coats minimum to make it look pretty. Or else it would come off as red brick-dust on your nails!

GlamEgo Box May 2018

I’m certainly happy with all products in this edition. Also, for faulty packaging in the April box for two products GlamEgo has even given 15-20% discount too. So, GlamEgo is certainly a dependable brand which doesn’t compromise on quality.

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