Goodness of Sheet Masks Revealed

For those who don’t like shelling 1000s for good cosmetics, sheet masks come as a champion. This skin care product is not just effective but is time-saving too. Initially introduced in Korea — which is known for its skincare routines — it has found a lot of hype in the industry. So, let’s find out what the fuss is all about. (Yes, I’ve also tried this and just love the effects on my skin.)

What is a sheet mask?

A cotton. gel or fibre-based mask that is infused with a nutrition-rich serum to fight or improve skin conditions. Basically, a strong liquid to ensure your skin absorbs it instantly rather than the diluted skin treatments. The mask acts as a barrier so that all the nutrition stays in.

How to Use?

It’s simple! Remove the sheet mask from the cover, which is usually dripping with the serum and place it directly on your face. It has holes for the eyes and mouth along with a slit for the nose. So just adjust it according to your face shape. Usually, this comes in a standard size but everyone’s face is unique so start from the forehead and make alterations accordingly. Leave it on for 20 min and rub the remaining serum with a light massage.

All the benefits!

I can’t stress enough about how pocket-friendly this is. It starts from Rs 100 onwards. But Nykaa has a lucrative offer of buy 7 get 7 masks free. So you might want to check that out. Also, it just needs 15-20 min of your time, and you can do anything you want during that time, even eat and drink. The method is much more effective compared to salon treatments which eat up your time while being expensive. Since you don’t have to rinse your face after the application, you know for sure that the goodness is still intact.

The negative side

You never know which sheet suits you until you try. Thus, while some are light with just hydration, masks like egg and coconut milk can result in breakout too. This is because your pores may close with the serum not effectively penetrating through your skin’s layers. Some masks are also made from cheap materials, as a result, dry up too soon even before your skin has a chance to absorb the serum.

My take on this

Sheet masks are really worth the try. They leave your skin feeling refreshing and nourished. Since it doesn’t take too much time, it is effective for the working class. However, do not go with other skin treatments as you won’t be able to differentiate between what works best.

If you’re a healthy skin person, you must try this Viral Instagram skin routine. Let us know what masks work for your skin type in the comments.

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