Follow your Dreams No Matter What!

You are not a slave to carry out other people’s wishes; you’re entitled to pursue your own dreams. Some people think that they own you because you listen to their every request and care for them. However, there is nothing wrong in taking your own path.

People are Selfish

People lecture you into doing what gives them happiness. So why should you be generous when they are selfish enough to sacrifice your happiness in order to gain a little respect by subduing you? Whether it is your parents, your husband, your friends or even your own children do what you love. It’s never too late to start a new path.

Control your Happiness

You deserve to do everything that makes you content. You’re not obligated to keep anyone happy unless you feel happy doing so. If you regret sacrificing your wishes to keep your loved one happy;  in case you dread get the fact that you need to give up on something for others’ intentions, then what is the point? If you feel that they don’t even appreciate it, then there is space for conflict. Learn to be independent in your actions.

Mutual Understanding

True love exists only when there is given take between two parties without regretting the decision of keeping the other happy. Once you start doubting whether the other person really cares; that’s when you need to stop and think. You share love and care only when you are content with your life. If not, it is a load of negative thinking and experiences. Ultimately, even if you change, the other person will be unhappy.

True Sacrifice

So, what is the point of going so so much pain and trouble only to find out that both of you will never be happy? Concentrate on meeting your goal to find true happiness. Some say only sacrifice will give you true happiness — they are right! But that needs to come from your heart and not by force.

No Point in Force

Forceful relationships, forceful action can never yield true joy or share full satisfaction. You need to follow and pursue your own dreams to realise how much you love life and all that has to give. I would not say that it is a bed of roses; it has its share of ups and downs. Yet a satisfactory job will make you enjoy the whole process and keep you going till you reach the target.

No Regrets

Here there will be no regrets as you are doing what you love rather than listening and accepting suggestions forcefully. Remember one thing, a well-wisher never will ask you to do something you don’t like. Only the selfish will think of their happiness and make you do things which you’re not up to. The society will mock you no matter what! So, why do something to get their approval?

Whether it is your career, academic progress, love life, marriage or any sorts of tasks and relationships, do what you feel is right. At the end of it all, other people won’t tag along on your journey. So focus on following your dreams. Don’t compromise on anything!

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