5 Trending Make Up Products to Buy

As we all know it’s not just fashion that changes, makeup changes too. Although the percentage of the change is comparatively less, there are so many brains working behind this.  Finding the best way for everyone to achieve their flawless makeup looks. Check out these makeup trends that are getting all the hype.

Silicon Sponge

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If you’re a social media bug, you might have obviously seen this go viral.  When you think of using a silicon sponge, it is natural to feel a little weird. You might even feel aaah this isn’t gonna work; it’s just here create some curiosity. However, this is one amazing product that stands apart from the regular beauty blenders and the brushes.

It gives a full and flawless coverage, no strokes or patches — just smooth blending. For more info watch a full review video here :

Eyebrow Stamping

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This is one of the coolest trends that I have come across. Believe it or not, eyebrows are the major part of our face they can slay or kill your makeup game. However, shaping and filling your eyebrows could take a while since you can’t afford to mess it up.

A stamping tool is something with a mould shaped like a standard eyebrow. (I am sure there are different shapes) You can dip into a product and stamp your eyebrow.

Glow Base Primer

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Who doesn’t want their skin to glow from within? Everyone loves a good highlighter and this is something similar yet very different. It’s a cream or a serum that you apply while prepping your skin and it will shine through makeup. I would highly recommend this one for the gals who want to blind their date 😀

Lip Stainers

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Korea is one of the top places when it comes to beauty products. Having a naturally tinted lip is one of their major innovations achieved by a simple lip stainer. There are so many variations in lip stainers like a peel-off stainer, moisturising stainer or a dual-toned lipstick with a very light and satin finish.

They last depending on their finish, peel of stainer is known for the longer wear time.

Lilac Eyeshadow

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This is the colour of the year according to Pantone. As of now, I have seen 2 stages of this colour back when we were kids. We might have loved a bold kajal or an eyeliner like green, blue, purple etc….

During the recent years, this colour in makeup was also frowned upon. But now it’s back in the game. Although it’s a pretty colour, this eyeshadow is more of a high fashion. This wouldn’t be great for an everyday use but its a trending one.

Have you encountered any such trends which you would like to mention? Please comment down below.

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