The Sunscreen Guide | Why, How and When to Use

Hello there Sunshine! Do you know how important a sunscreen is? Well, we are here to clarify all the things that you might wanna know.


A sunscreen is a must and it is something that you should not be skipping, even if you stay at home all day. As it’s not only the direct sunlight that can cause the problems. Major skin-related problems can occur if you skip sunscreen since the UV rays are very harmful. Harmful rays can cause acne, scars or burns and in extreme cases, it might even be worse like a skin cancer.

How & When?

It must be applied before 15 to 20 minutes before you leave your house. Apply an even coat on your skin, two coats in the most exposed areas. Do not skip the sunscreen even if you are out swimming, there are waterproof sunscreens available in the market. You must apply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours if you are opting for the SPF 30 if you are opting for SPF 50 you can extend up to 5-6 hours


A minimum of SPF 30 PA++ should work fine. It’s a wrong assumption that you will be 100% protected if you apply an SPF more than a 50 or 70. The maximum protection you can get is up to 97%, which also means if you are applying an SPF 30 it will give you up to 95% of protection.

What Type?

If you already suffer from Acne then it is advised to use a gel based sunscreen but please contact a dermatologist in extreme cases. (Here’s a viral routine for acne reduction) If you have an oily skin type it is advised to use a sunscreen which comes with a dry touch. For extremely dry skin type, it is advised to use a moisturizer which has enough SPF.

There are sunscreens available in the form of mists and sprays for the easy usage. If you are a person who loves makeup and can’t spray over your makeup, you can use a makeup product which has SPF in it.

I hope we have answered a lot of things which you were looking for. Will let you know more on PA++ and the best brands of sunscreen in our next one.

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