Lagom is a Swedish word which translates almost to ‘just the right amount’. A Lagom life does not mean the perfect life but forms an opinion of being happy with what you have. It can be compared to the idiom ‘less is more’.

We live in a very dynamic lifestyle zone where things and ideas change as fast as the wind. The urge to get more leaves our life hanging in a balance between work and personal life for about 90% of the time. An aura of distress and fatigue fills our daily lives while we try and achieve things that we don’t have or own.

I am no different when it comes to this. I have let my social life and work pressure afflict my dream goals. Now realisation struck me that having fun with what you have is also a part of life. Hence, I move towards the spirit of adventure in what I do. This blog is all about enjoying the present! Leave the worries to tomorrow and let not the past haunt you.

Travel and life has a special connection as it allows you to dig deep into your soul. You find a complete new you with the varying experiences you strike. Travel is not restricted to your vacation but every day of your life that is why life is often referred to a journey. The blog you would notice would be a combination of travel- everyday life stances to understand that everything that happens is for your own good. I am trying hard to link everyday instances to good and bring out positive vibes for a pleasurable life

While writing a blog one has to face a lot of hitches, including the starting trouble of finding a good theme and then planning the write up. However, once we start it is an unending love story.

That is the beauty of blogging that I admire to the core. When one has no person to speak out to, writing has been a source of relieving that tension; be it happy times or during those troubled days reading and writing has been my friend in need.

I aim to make this blog a platform bring out the creativity and innovation in my readers and to lighten their mood during a hectic day. My experiences may be from a layman perspective and I would like to keep it that way because every person is a layman and not everyone can connect to the extravagant lifestyle sometimes.